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Our center provides the perfect environment for everyone to practice yoga. Surrounded by the beauty of Rishikesh hills and serene, flowing River Ganga, which caters to the need for a calm and peaceful environment required to rejuvenate and discover your inner-self.

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Shailendra Dangwal

Practicing Yoga from 2011 and has never looked back.

Mayank Uniyal

His aim is to deliver right knowledge in a simplistic way.

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I first met Shailendra in 2017 when I went to Rishikesh as a beginner in yoga. I came to his class by chance and was immediately aware of his skill and devotion to his teaching. Myself and all of the students who attended his classes in the month I spent there received individual attention and guidance in our practice. His teaching fast-tracked my journey and I returned in 2018 and 19 for further instruction. His passion is effective and I consider him responsible for my personal development in yoga which has resulted in my recent completion of my level one training. He is a wonderful teacher of all levels. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to advance their knowledge or practice and hope to make it back there to further my own understanding of yoga.

Graeme Heinrich

Graeme Heinrich

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