Shailendra Dangwal is an absolute household name – and face – on the International yoga circuit. He trained and taught in Rishikesh for 8 years, and he now is the globe inspiring others through his classes and workshops. Influenced by Ashtanga, Kathryn’s Vinyasa Flow classes are known to have a playful element as he encourages people to challenge themselves while having fun! He is dedicated to giving back the most he could to his community.

Shailendra Dangwal is an incredibly inspiring and internationally celebrated yoga teacher and activist. Having taught yoga for almost 20 years he is recognized as one of the most sought after yoga teachers in India and travels extensively teaching workshops, retreats, and conferences. A true example of someone who has used their international status to make a positive difference Shailendra works tirelessly to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and has been awarded several humanitarian awards for his efforts.

Born into a family of yogi’s he is one of the most influential figures of modern yoga, helping to transform how yoga is viewed and practiced in India. He is the head of Rishikesh Yogkul center, has set up teacher’s training programs in Rishikesh and he continues to inspire teachers and students globally.